Self-confidence, good social skills and mental wellbeing are vital for each of us.

ONIT Sport provides game changing mental coaching services for athletes, coaches and parents. We are on a mission to equalize professional mental coaching and provide young athletes with the mental skillset to succeed. In sports and in life.

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Challenge your mind and reach your goals with ONIT Sport

Young athletes

Strong mental skillset helps children to deal with anxiety, failure and reach their true potential. These skills, combined with social skills are vital growing up. By supporting children early on, we are preventing exclusion and supporting the growth of happy, healthy individuals.

Parents & support

Help your child to develop mental skills and to utilize them in the daily life. ONIT Sport provides a smooth and meaningful way to support the development of mental skills and well-being of your child.

Our methods help you to maintain a natural dialogue with the coach to contribute to your child’s own good.

Coaches & clubs

Help your young athletes reach their true potential. Connect mental training to your daily coaching schedule without any extra work. Easy to use: take and advantage of the pre-rhythmic program or make your own schedule.

Ready for a mental coaching revolution?

[email protected] App is a ground breaking mental coaching app for ambitious young athletes, sports clubs, parents, coaches and enthusiastic young minds all over the world. The App, built by experts in the field of healthcare-, sportpsychology, sportscience, education and mental coaching, connects the athlete with their parent and coach in a pedagogically strong and innovative way.

[email protected] App can be found from Apple Store & Google Play. Ready to join the revolution?

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We areONIT Sport.

We are a Finland-based team of healthcare, psychology, sportpsychology, sportscience, education and mental coaching experts with a successful track record in sport sector. We have worked closely with children and adolescence well-being for decades. We are on a mission to equalize quality mental coaching and increase wellbeing.

Our experienced Advisory board consists of the brightest minds of business development and growth.

Better be ready for a revolution – because we are ONIT.

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Welcome to the new era of mental coaching

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