Self-confidence, good social skills and mental wellbeing are vital for each of us.

Self-confidence, good social skills and mental wellbeing are vital for each of us.

[email protected] is a game changing mental coaching tool for athletes, coaches and parents. We are on a mission to equalize professional mental coaching and provide young athletes with the mental skillset to succeed. In sports and in life.

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Who is it for?

8 - 16 year old athletes.

Strong mental skillset helps children to deal with anxiety, failure and reach their true potential. These skills, combined with social skills are vital growing up. By supporting children early on, we are preventing exclusion and supporting the growth of happy, healthy individuals.


Help your child to develop mental skills and to utilize them in the daily life. [email protected] provides a smooth and meaningful way to support the development of mental skills and wellbeing of your child.

Our app helps you to maintain a natural dialogue with the coach to contribute to your child’s own good.

Coaches & clubs.

Help your young athletes reach their true potential. Connect mental training to your daily coaching schedule without any extra work. Easy to use: take and advantage of the pre-rhythmic program and start right away!

Ready for a mental coaching revolution?

[email protected] is used by ambitious young athletes, sports clubs, parents, coaches and enthusiastic young minds all over the world. Ready to join the revolution?

Boosting Confidence

Confidence is one of our greatest assets. Believing in yourself carries a long way.

Developing Social Skills

Learning strong social skills is an important part of becoming a professional athlete.

Success Mindset

Winning mentality is needed in every sport and forms a solid basis for success.

Dealing with failure

By strengthening mental skills young athletes learn to minimize the impact of setbacks and overcome them.

Game changing mental coaching.

Sleek, user-friendly design

Easy to use wherever, whenever. [email protected] is designed to give you the clearest possible user experience.

Proven and tested methods

Mental workouts are developed in cooperation with innovative professionals from different fields. Everything is based on scientific knowledge, not just experience.

Tailored to fit your dynamic needs

3 levels of difficulty with a wide range of topics, such as self-confidence, competitions and social skills. Get support on topics you feel are the most important.

Sync your training

Connect mental training to your daily coaching schedule without any extra work. Coaches and parents can start using [email protected] quickly and easily.

Progress starts early

[email protected] is the worlds first mental coaching app focusing on the childhood stage. By developing strong mental skills as children, athletes have a solid foundation to build their success on.


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We are ONIT Sport.

We are a Finland-based team of experts in healthcare, psychology, sportpsychology, sportscience, education and mental coaching with a successful track record in sport sector. We have worked closely with children and adolescence well-being for decades. We are on a mission to equalize mental coaching and to increase wellbeing!

Our experienced Advisory board consists of the brightest minds of business development and growth.

Together, we are ready to start a revolution.